to order Classroom Lap Pads

Classroom Lap Pads in navy blue and red
  • Classroom Lap Pads are a great tool for teachers to promote calming, focus, and grounding during classroom activities.
  • Lap pads are constructed with a durable muslin lining to hold the bead weight and a generous border to provide easier handling.
  • Quality 100% cotton fabrics are used for cool, breathable comfort.
  • Quality, nontoxic polypropylene beads are added to the lap pad to exact weight requirements, and are sewn into 4” columns so that bead weight remains evenly distributed.
  • Lap pads can be machine washed and dried on low heat.
  • Classroom Lap pads run $60.00 per set of 4, in matching solid colors.

Complete the form below to begin your classroom lap pad order. Tell me the solid fabric colors you want for the front and back of the lap pads. Once you have chosen the fabric colors, I’ll create a listing for your classroom lap pads from which you can purchase.  Your My Comforter Classroom Lap Pads will be ready to ship within 5 business days!

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