New at My Comforter

Masks for the Holidays…

I think a new phrase has been coined this year – pandemic fatigue – which means over the long haul we may have a tendency to let down our guard against the insidious corona virus. What better way to get back in the groove than to update your face mask wardrobe? After all, it’s fall, y’all! Replace all those cute summery face coverings with something a bit more … orange (like a maple leaf, or a pumpkin, if you prefer). Just added to the My Comforter Shop – Halloween and Autumn themed face masks!

Cozy Up!

We’re so close – any day now – fall is almost here! I’m looking forward to that slight chill in the air (for real – not just the AC that sometimes freezes me out of the house). What better time to stock up on My Comforter quilted cozies?

My Comforter quilted cozies are simple patchwork quilts made with 100% cotton fabrics and batting that provide just the right amount of comfort anytime it is needed.  Perfect for that child (or adult!) seeking security but who does not need a weighted blanket.

At 36″x52″, these small quilts are the perfect size to cover up on the couch with a good book or movie, or wrap around you while sitting out on the porch to watch that perfect sunset. Of course, cozies are great for nap time, playtime, and those long road trips in the car, as well. I’ve just added new quilted cozies to the My Comforter Shop, so check them out today! At just $20 each, you can’t go wrong!

Got your face mask?

Hi neighbors! I have great news! Over the summer, I’ve sold My Comforter Face Masks in a series of 3 Pop Up sales, held at the end of my driveway. But now I am selling them in the My Comforter Shop, online! Now, you can shop at your convenience and choose either shipping or local porch pickup, for a true “contactless” experience.

Check out this awesome review, and get your My Comforter Face Mask today!

New Product! My Comforter Face Masks

  • Nonmedical
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Adult and Child sizes
  • $5.00 each

My Comforter Face Masks are pleated and shaped to provide ample room for the nose and mouth and a comfortable fit across the face/jaw area.

The long nose wire can be molded not only across the nose but also the cheeks to keep the mask from slipping, and to prevent fogged glasses!

No elastic around the ears, which tends to hurt if worn for too long. Instead, simple fabric binding that shapes over the ears and connects to the single tie at the back, allowing for flexibility in fit.

This product is so new, it is not listed in the My Comforter shop. To find out how to get your My Comforter Face Mask, please email Contact My Comforter.

Anxiety Buster

Are you working from home these days? Are the kiddos stressing out – and stressing you out? I don’t doubt that we are ALL finding that our stress and anxiety are “coming out sideways” and affecting relationships, work, and well-being, in these pandemic days of covid.

My Comforter weighted blankets might help! Weighted blankets are not just for sleeping – you can use the extra weight to provide calm, focus, and comfort as you’re working at your home desk, or taking a break on the couch, with TV or a good book.

You might consider using a My Comforter weighted lap pad during the day. If you need more, a small size weighted blanket is perfect to use as a throw. And if you are having trouble sleeping at night, check out the larger sized weighted blankets, perfect for bedtime! You can find all ready-made and ready-to-ship My Comforter weighted blankets in the My Comforter Shop.