Cozy Up!

We’re so close – any day now – fall is almost here! I’m looking forward to that slight chill in the air (for real – not just the AC that sometimes freezes me out of the house). What better time to stock up on My Comforter quilted cozies?

My Comforter quilted cozies are simple patchwork quilts made with 100% cotton fabrics and batting that provide just the right amount of comfort anytime it is needed.  Perfect for that child (or adult!) seeking security but who does not need a weighted blanket.

At 36″x52″, these small quilts are the perfect size to cover up on the couch with a good book or movie, or wrap around you while sitting out on the porch to watch that perfect sunset. Of course, cozies are great for nap time, playtime, and those long road trips in the car, as well. I’ve just added new quilted cozies to the My Comforter Shop, so check them out today! At just $20 each, you can’t go wrong!