Anxiety Buster

Are you working from home these days? Are the kiddos stressing out – and stressing you out? I don’t doubt that we are ALL finding that our stress and anxiety are “coming out sideways” and affecting relationships, work, and well-being, in these pandemic days of covid.

My Comforter weighted blankets might help! Weighted blankets are not just for sleeping – you can use the extra weight to provide calm, focus, and comfort as you’re working at your home desk, or taking a break on the couch, with TV or a good book.

You might consider using a My Comforter weighted lap pad during the day. If you need more, a small size weighted blanket is perfect to use as a throw. And if you are having trouble sleeping at night, check out the larger sized weighted blankets, perfect for bedtime! You can find all ready-made and ready-to-ship My Comforter weighted blankets in the My Comforter Shop.